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About Me

This is Pete Philips, insurance expert.  Pete asked me, the website guy, to help him with his website.  He apparently thinks my life is too exciting and I need to tone it down.

I acquiesced because insurance should not be exciting, that word more often than not used to describe negative things like stray gunshots, flat tires in remote places, and Presidential Elections.  There’s a reason the Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times.”  Insurance should be boring and dependable.  I want to say Pete is those things, but I’m not sure that’s wise, so I’ll just say he’s just the type of guy to tackle boring and dependable while remaining entertaining.

After 40 years doing this, Pete has developed a specialty in educating those of us who think we’re uninsurable or who really don’t care until we’re homeless.  His joy comes not from actuarial tables but from taking some action to bring genuine relief to his customers.  He really is a great resource for insurance.

If there is some insurance topic you truly dread, please contact Pete.  He’ll make your life easier.

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